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The organizers or the creators of the sign up sheet need to get an account in If you are to sign up, you don't need an account, just enter your name and email. Make sure you put the correct email so you can find the sign up sheets you signed up for, and we can also use this email address to remind you when the event is coming up!
Yes! It's totally FREE! You don't need to pay anything for creating a sign up, using our logo, getting alerts, or adding an attachment!
The sign up sheets are expired after the event date, which you input when you creat sign up.
As a member, you can find all active sign ups so you can sign up for them as long as they don't have passcode control and have slots left. Click "My Account" button on your upper right corner and then click "Search for Sign-ups", then you can input keyword of the sheet title.
You can contact sign up creator, who has the privilege to edit the sign ups.
Register as a member! After you logged in, you can sign up and leave a comment - don't forget to check "Comment can only viewed by organizer and me ( Members only )"!
Create a blog page and share with others! In blog page, you can put your remarks, embeded code of your youtube video and upload pictures!